11 days to raise…



Y’all, we can do this! I know it can look like a daunting amount of money, but it’s absolutely possible!

Have you done whatever you felt like Jesus asked you to do last week? Have you connected with any donor you might not have heard from? Is there something creative you could do? Is He asking you to give some money yourself?

He is so much bigger than $15,421 and I know He will be faithful to provide for everything we need!

May 20: Margie

Tonight we started with Trey leading us in a DBS over the great commission. After that we heard from Margie Atwood who talked about a lot of different things that God has been speaking and doing since the passing of her husband. We are so thankful to have had this wise woman and pillar of our body come and speak to us the deep things God has put on her heart both recently and through the years.

God is personal.
He continues to speak to us through personal means. He loves greater than any mortal.

“You know, Christ has a way of revealing himself to us that makes us sure of who He and that is Christ in us the hope of glory.”

His plan for you
Psalm 139:16
Eph 1:4
Eph 2:10
2 Tim 1:9
“It’s more of a reliance on Me, than it is an improvement in you.”

Power and strength in God comes from unity with Jesus.
Colossians 1 Among the Gentiles

The boastful pride of life
1 John 2:16 That by which life is sustained resources well.
If we look to ourself we will never be satisfied.

The first Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.

Trust The Lord with all of your heart. Don’t lean on your own understanding…

Quit trying harder and just rely on Jesus.


Please remember these very important announcements:

YOU PICK your memory verse this week.

REMEMBER: we are $28,000 out from our trips all being fully funded! Please respond THIS WEEK to what God put on your heart to do about it.

Camp Arrowhead Feedback

Hello EPMers!

The fall and spring retreats are a big part of the Discipleship school experience and, you may have noticed that we chose a different venue for our spring retreat this past weekend. We’re in the process of making decisions for next year and are considering booking Camp Arrowhead again. But first, we want your feedback! Please click the link below to take a short survey about how you liked the retreat center we visited. It should only take about 5 minutes…

Click here for survey

May 13: The Transition Gap

Today we began with team time and after that, we heard from Chase of team Everest. He shared some really cool stuff concerning the coffee shop and church plant he’s starting in the HimaIayas and the unique ways God has spoken in terms of using it to reach the unreached of that region.

After a time of worship, we got to hear from Carl Gulley who taught on “Making it for the Long Haul.” Here are his notes:



May 6: Seeing Rightly

Last night, we worked in our evangelism groups to discuss a new tool for sharing the gospel. Pete was very happy to see you all again, could you tell?

After a short break (and a spontaneous music video prompted by Leanne!) we were privileged to have Jennifer Smyer Dickey, a professor of Social Work and director of the Global Mission Leadership initiative at Baylor University. (Check it out… It’s pretty cool!) She did a great job facilitating a round table discussion involving some justice concepts and our upcoming outreaches. Here are some of the points she made along with the questions she posed:

  • What new idea or concept was planted in you through Adam’s teaching?
  • How might this change your perspectives and actions?
  • Understanding the full Gospel: We have a relationship with God, others, self, and creation. We also live within social, political, religious, and economic systems. Sin has broken those relationships, as well as those systems. We can understand poverty as the effect of broken relationships within broken systems. Jesus came to restore all relationships and systems in our world.
  • Empowering others and getting ourselves out of the way: How will you learn from the people in the country you will be visiting?
  • How can you put that attitude into practice on the field this summer?

    That’s all for now, Beloved… We hope you’re getting excited about the retreat this weekend!



John Piper, Tim Keller, and Don Carson on Evangelism & Justice

In light of my teaching on Thursday as well as the teachings in the upcoming weeks, here is a great video of some really solid Christian thinkers digging into that question of proclamation and mercy… It’s about 10 minutes long, and is great lunch break nourishment for your brain and heart to chew on, so give it a listen if you have the time. (Don’t worry, it’s not an elevate requirement!)

May 2: Biblical Justice

Tonight we were all blessed and encouraged to spend time in our d-groups… Can’t believe it’s already May! Let’s all really press in and make these last few months of Elevate the best they can be!

After we came back to class and enjoyed a time of worship we heard from, well, me! I shared my heart for what I like to call Biblical Justice. So in lieu of notes, here is the prezi I showed last night along with my teaching. It contains all of the scripture references and main points etc. I really hope it blessed you!

Biblical Justice, by Adam Amberg